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Why Must You Install a Convex Driveway Mirror?
The mirrors you often see at every side of the road near intersections or at the blind curves, the corners, and the driveways are called a convex mirror. It is often used to provide better traffic visibility and to reduce road accidents.

These types of mirrors may come in a spherical shape or rectangular one that you may find at this site, but the most common is the former.

The use of a convex mirror is not limited to traffic hazard mitigation; some are used for:

- Driveway use. - For driving safety and security especially at private car parking spaces.

If you are currently debating if you should buy a convex driveway, here are a few additional reading about the benefits of installing convex mirrors:

Ensure More Visibility
Factory and warehouse driveways are filled with forklifts and other heavy equipment; so, moving around using these types of big vehicles can be difficult and dangerous. If you want to avoid collision accidents with other vehicles inside the factory or warehouse, you should install a convex mirror. Additionally, this type of mirror will help the workers and drivers to see more of their surroundings. Also, to prevent any form of accidents caused by blind spots. 

Family Safety 
Convex driveway mirrors allows you to see the road clearly. If your home is near a sharp curve or alongside an intersecting road, convex driveway mirrors will give you a safe drive home. Also, it will keep you on guard from approaching cars coming from blind spots and guarantee you, your family members, and even the pedestrian’s safety from possible road accidents.

No Thieves; Robbery always happens either in households and stores. If you are searching for a solution to stop burglars from entering your property, investing a quality convex mirror is another best option on top of your security cameras.

Convex mirrors are effective security and surveillance tool; thanks to the clear and real-time image that it projects, shoplifters would have a hard time in secretly hoarding your items. If these malign individuals still commit an act of thievery, they won’t get away without facing the authority because they will be clearly seen from the convex mirror.

Therefore, make sure to install a convex mirror outside of your home, property, office or store to boost security and safety. 

Now, choosing a quality and durable convex mirror is quite confusing particularly for first-time buyers. There are wide varieties of this mirror and distributors to choose from; so, what is the trick to handpick an outstanding convex mirror? Here are more helpful hints to guide you. 

1.    Know your distributor. Only choose authorized dealer and manufacturer of convex mirrors. 
2.    Pick a convex mirror that can withstand outdoor conditions and impacts. 
3.    Choose a mirror with a steel backing. 
4.    Select a mirror made from Duramir Polycarbonate material.
5.    Select a size that matches the area. 

Aside from the above tips, do not forget to consult reliable sources for lots of good info about the convex mirror. Remember; buy a convex mirror with guaranteed quality and function.